Gizmo’s Gift is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that offers free medical care and transportation from their retirement station/base to their fur-ever home to our nation’s 4-legged heroes. We use donations to cover all medical costs of our supported heroes, either on active duty, or retired. The K9s we support range from military working dogs (MWD), contract working dogs (CWD), Police K9’s, and any other form of law enforcement K9. We also may be able to help with adoption for those heroes who need help finding their forever home. 

Gizmo’s Gift was founded on 29 January 2014, by Army veteran, Lisa Phillips. After her work with members of Congress to reclassify Military Working Dogs (MWDs) from “equipment” to a Canine Member of the Armed Forces, and also to offer them recognition with an award for their time in service, transportation home from their retirement station overseas, back state side, and medical care. The legislation, Canine Service Member of the Armed Forces Act, was passed and signed into law in Jan 2013.

Working dogs are typically only retired for medical reasons. These medical issues range from hip dysplasia, PTSD, severe allergies, cancer, or degenerative myelopathy and require on going veterinary care once they have completed their service. The majority of K9s retiring are between the ages of 8 and 12 years old and have various special needs. Too frequently people have stepped up to commit their home to a retiring K9 and then found the medical finances too much of a hardship. This causes them to break their commitment to providing a fur-ever home for this retired K9. As a result, some K9s get passed from home to home, or even given up to shelters due to inexperience with handling these special warriors. Gizmo’s Gift, believes if we can help take some of that financial worry off of their shoulders, more people with loving hearts will be able to provide the caring homes these dogs need and deserve.

Gizmo’s Gift was created as a public benefit, educational, and charitable organization to (a) educate the public about the benefits to our Armed Forces of military working dogs; (b) financially support active duty and retired military working dogs; (c) prevent cruelty to retired military working dogs and other working dogs by helping financially with medical bills, transportation and any other necessary requirements for their health and well-being; (d) facilitate the adoption of retired military working dogs and other types of working dogs; and (e) to solicit and receive charitable gifts, grants, and contributions and disburse the same for the above-stated purposes.

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Helping our nation’s 4-legged heroes one dog at a time!
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Jeanie Phillips
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Lisa Phillips
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