Military Working Dog-Fredy L226

Fredy is an 8 yr old German Shepherd who served as a Patrol/Narcotics MWD at Lackland AFB. Fredy had one deployment to Afghanistan where he detected over $125k worth of narcotics. Fredy’s major career highlight occurred on a hot summer night in August 2013 when he detected the presence of 4 hostile Afghan Nationals intending on breaching Bagram’s perimeter fence, hiding just 30 feet from the perimeter fence line in a corn field. Fredy’s alert initiated the activation and response of a Quick Reaction Force and his vigilance directly contributed to their apprehension, which provided valuable intelligence on a real-time insider threat. Additionally Fredy is credited for detecting and deterring 8 separate breaches of the Bagram perimeter. MWD Fredy ended his career amassing over 120 drug finds, 86 of them in his last 6 months of active duty. Fredy has the most narcotics finds in the history of the 802nd Security Forces Squadron.