Organization helps heal working dogs

Source: News 4 San Antonio


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By LAUREN LEANews 4 San Antonio

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SAN ANTONIO — Sgt. Rambo N577, Marine Corps Retired, has over 600 state-side missions and 1,000 hours of training, but{} a proficiency training injury left him with a big battle scar.{} However, having only three legs hasn’t slowed him down one bit.”Knowing that every day you have a battle buddy beside you, I mean obviously you’re not going to war with them in retirement but they follow you around everywhere you go,” laughed his owner, Lisa Phillips.{} She’s his constant companion, and she served too, as an Army Vet Tech.{} That’s how she first met Gizmo, her first adopted military working dog who had kidney failure.”It was around the same time I was getting out and getting my disability check and I said, ‘Why don’t these dogs get anything?'”Because there’s no disability check for dogs, she started Gizmo’s Gift last year, that’s helped pay for surgeries and veterinary care for 20 working dogs,{} wounded warriors who can’t complain about the pain, but who are always by their buddy’s side.”Kinda makes me speechless, you know,” Phillips said as tears filled her eyes.{} “Sorry,” she sniffled.It’s a bond too special to describe, but one that inspires her to help others like Rambo.”Gizmo and Rambo and each one of them that has ever served or given their life, you know that they will do whatever it takes to complete the mission and protect you.”Because sometimes heroes don’t wear a cape; they wear dog tags.Gizmo’s Gift assists all kinds of working dogs and covers the cost of things like routine veterinarian visits to major surgeries.{} The organization also pays for relocation costs to reunite dogs with their handlers.{} Phillips’ essay about the financial burden on families who adopt working dogs helped get the Canine Members of the Armed Forces Act passed.



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