Military Working Dog-XANNY J533

Xanny and I have been together since 2008 and have a long four years history together. We deployed to Iraq together in 09′ in which he has several finds. We have also traveled to Russia for a mission as well as many states providing explosive support for different agencies. Xanny and I took part in the 2008 elections providing support all over the nation. I was Xanny’s very first handler after he arrived from Lackland AFB, but we bonded right away. Xanny has a special character about him that I have never had with any of the other working dogs that I have been with. He loves to cuddle and give great big kisses. But most of all he loves to play with his great big kong ball or wubba. I was very sad when I had to leave him especially knowing at the time that he was going to be deploying again; however, it was so great to finally see his paperwork come down. I could not have been any more excited than when he finally came home to enjoy his retirement.