MWD Bojar L133

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    Bojar L133

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About Military Working Dog Bojar L133

Bojar was whelped Feb 2005 and reported to Lackland AFB in Feb 2007 for Active duty. After he completed his training at Lackland AFB in 2007, he was assigned to the USMC as an Explosives Detection and Patrol Dog. He served his entire career at Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay attached to the Marine Corps Security Force Battalion. His job, on a day to basis would consist of sweeping vehicles for VIP escorts and munitions convoy routes. His handlers were Navy Master At Arms(
Navy MPs) that run the Kennel and work with the MWDs for the USMC. Conducting countless demonstrations for visitng dignitaries and military guests touring the base, he became a local superstar in the MWD world. His size and bark signanling that he was the boss. He served with several other GSDs and Belgians at Kings Bay during his hitch. During his career he completed over 90 special moves and 50 Sweeps for Dignitaries and VIPS. Sadly one afternoon in 2011, in the heat of the summer, Bojar and his handler were out for a run and he suffered a heat stroke. He was immediately treated by the USAF Vets on the base and was taken off duty to rehab and recover. Unfortunatley his ability to detect at high temps was diminished and the chance for a recurrent Heat stroke was deemed to high a risk and the MWD disposition process was begun. As the Public Affairs officer at one of the commands Bojar and his handler worked for, l had heard about the situation and inquired if I could enter the adoption process. Working with the Kennel Master, I completed the application package and we were selected over two of his previous handlers to be his forever family. Bojar and I were given time to bond before the final retirement ceremony and we quickly developed a great relationship that has flourished over the last 3 and a half years. He came horn ewith me immediately following the ceremony and was introduced to the other fur family members. A cat and our shelter rescue, Chioe, part Collie part Retriever mutt and they knew that they would be friends from that moment. Bojar was instantly accepted and accepted us in return. Since that day he has become my personal stalker. He is always attached to my hip and has to make sure l am ok at all times. He and Chrissy our oldest cat constantly vie for my attention. He is a well mannered teddy bear at this point in his life and wants nothing more than to be loved. He gives love with out fail and will always own a major portion of my heart. He is my buddy and friend. About a month ago he eame into the kitchen for a treat with Chloe and I noticed a distant blank stare, almost as if he were in a trance. Chloe had had seizures back in the spring and 1 thought that maybe that was what was happening. But when ! went to check on him I noticed he was not tracking me with his eyes. I attempted to make him flinch and there was no reaction. He was blind.
I immediately contacted the vet and we were set to see them in the morning, by morning his vision had returned in his left eye but not completely in his right eye. Upon examination by the vets, he had blood in his eye. We started an attack of steroids and topical eye ointments, tested for Glaucoma and other blood work, just a slightly elevated white ceil count. As the steroid treatment ramped down we experienced another round of vision loss and blood in the eyes. Back to the vets we went. This time, we added an antibiotic and took a chest x- ray. What should have been a nice dark area where his lungs are, instead had little fingers running through out the lung area. It was diagnosed as either a massive fungal infection or cancer, further physical exam revealed dozens of little tumors that had popped up.
More than likely we were facing Cancer. My Mother and older sister had just lost their dogs to Cancer in the last 6 months. I was not gonna lose Bojar! We now face his biggest battle, and we will go full force to get him the best care we can find!! Semper Fi!