MWD Hugo F067

  1. Name:

    Hugo F067

  2. Military Branch Served:

    United States Army

  3. Station:


  4. Handlers:


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About Military Working Dog Hugo F067

MWD Hugo was a patrol Explosive Detector Dog in the US Army. His handler and now owner were stationed with Hugo at Fort Myer, VA in 2005 an became his handler in 2006. While Fred was stationed at Fort Myer, Hugo and Fred performed numerous Secret Service missions in support of high ranking U.S. and forging government officials, to include the President of The United States. Hugo and Fred worked in Washington D.C., New York City, and Philadelphia, as well as missions abroad in Dubi, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Russia. In 2008 after receiving orders to PCS to Germany Fred asked his Program Manager about the possibility of Hugo and Fred PSCing together since the new regulation that just came out stated that MWDS could PCS with handlers as long as it was approved. In July of 2008 Hugo and Fred became one of the few SSD teams to PCS together and were reassigned to Heidelberg, Germany. In January 2009 Hugo and Fred deployed to Kabul, Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) for 6 months. While there they completed several missions ensuring the safety of U.S. and Coalition Forces. In 2010 they deployed to Camp Bondsteel, Kosovo in support of Kosovo Force (KFOR). Upon their return to Germany in 2011, Fred started working on retirement for Hugo, hoping to bring Hugo home with him when Fred PCSed to Fort Carson in July 2011. Unfortunately the process took until Aug 2012, after Fred PCSed. On Sept 4th, 2012 Hugo arrived at the Denver International Airport and finally got to come home with Fred.

Hugo had a stroke in early 2015, and never fully recovered. Hugo crossed over the rainbow bridge in the fall of 2015.