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    Arco CWD

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About Military Working Dog Arco CWD

A few years ago, I saw a video posted on Facebook that showed a home coming of 96 Contract Working Dogs (CWDs) from Afghanistan. I then did some research on AMK9 and was very impressed. My wife, one year old son, and I decided to adopt a retired CWD. We had two dogs at the time; an 8 year old GSD, and a 4 year old Mal. AMK9 showed us a dozen dogs and Arco stuck out as special. Arco was a PEDD (Patrol Explosive Detection Dog) that served in Afghanistan. He was medically retired due to seizures, and minor spondylosis (mid spine). However you would never know it because even till today, he wants to work!  Arco officially joined our family on Thanksgiving Day in 2014. He quickly bonded with my GSD, and Mal, and 1 year old son. He is living the dream in retirement. Kongs, treats, and being loved on by all. He is becoming a water dog in the warm months, and enjoys boat rides and swimming in the local watering holes.