MWD Axo L099

  1. Name:

    Axo L099

  2. Military Branch Served or Agency:

    United States Air Force

  3. Station:


  4. Retired:

  5. Handler:


  6. Our Service:

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About Military Working Dog Axo L099

Axo is certified in explosive detection and patrol. He was stationed out of Quantico Virginia and assigned to HMX-1, The Presidents Helicopter Squadron also known as Marine One. Axo has been on short deployments throughout the United States and the world to include South Korea, Saudi Arabia, France, Mexico, and many more. Axo’s main responsibility was to search hangars, equipment, vehicles, and luggage while remaining an important asset to the security team on every mission. Working side by side with Secret Service K-9, Air Force One, and Camp David personnel was apart of Axo’s day to day. His first handler, Kelsey De Santis, had the honor of working with Axo for a couple years and now has the pleasure of giving him the most rewarding retirement possible. They conducted endless explosive sweeps for personnel to include President Bush, President Obama, and their cabinet just to name a few.

Axo spent 10 years of his life serving our country. He now resides in beautiful South Florida just north of Miami with his newly befriended civilian Bulldogs, Lola (Frenchie 1 years old) and Beau (American Bulldog 5 years old). It must be mentioned Axo’s new passions include taking pride in protecting and standing post for our 4-month-old baby girl, Paige. Additionally, Axo now spends time hanging out at our place of business Military Muscle Gym where he is quite the hit. He also enjoys being around other military veterans as he brings a wonderful sense of service/appreciation everywhere he goes.