1. Name:

    ERON R434

  2. Military Branch Served or Agency:

    United States Air Force

  3. Station:


  4. Retired:


  5. Handler:


  6. Our Service:

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About Military Working Dog ERON R434

Eron was Jesse Harris’ first military working dog and worked from March 6, 2012 to February 22, 2013. Eron was duel certified as an explosive detection and patrol certified military working dog.  Eron was involved in a search for an armed felon with a $300,000 warrant. Eron negotiated rigged high desert terrain in the dark for over three hours while with Jesse. Additionally, Eron provided security for the $1.7 billion Space Shuttle Endeavor on its final flight.

It was determined that Eron had several areas in his spine that were interfering with his work, and so he was retired in 2013. Jesse’s mom was able to adopt Eron and he has fit right in with their family. H’s a joy to be with, and Jesse’s mom thanks God every day for him and for his work for the Air Force with her son Staff SSgt Jesse Harris.

Due to Eron’s spinal condition, he is on daily pain and anti-inflammatory medications that with your financial gift Gizmo’s Gift is able to offer at no cost to Eron’s human family.