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    Lady CWD

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About Military Working Dog Lady CWD

Lady is the second dog 1 adopted from the ASPCA International’s “No Buddy Left Behind” program. This program provides Service Members with funds to bring the animals that they befriend while “in country” back to the US. Aegis, in Iraq, contacted ASPCAI and told them of a number of EDD’s (Explosive Detection Dogs) that were going to be retiring soon and asked if they could provide funds and homes for these dogs. While her nose was great, she no longer showed a will to work, and it was determined by the kennel master that she should be retired as she would make a good family pet. Lady has anxiety, shortly after she arrived, we worked with a behaviorist to help her. She was on Paxil for about a year, and has since been weened off of that, although because of her rising anxiety since the dog attacked her on Labor Day, I have places her back on it. She is eager to learn and knows how to shake and roll-over, and is great on the leash. We even test out her nose and place a rag that has gunpowder on it in the yard, she finds it every time! She didn’t really like being pet or cuddled when I first got her, but has learned that “pets” are a good thing and she seeks them out now! She loves sleeping up on the bed and is found up there after I leave for work. The ball is her favorite thing in the world! She always has one with her and will push it over to you for you to throw for her.

She LOVES playing ball with anyone who will play with her!!! She is just a super love and has been a wonderful addition to my home! I had a German Shorthaired Pointer named Otter when Lady arrived, they didn’t play very much, but were friendly towards each other. Otter passed away last August and in the past month I have been fostering another GSP named Zack. He and Lady get along great, and they are even starting to play chase. Lady doesn’t mind if Zack bumps into her, even with all of the stitches that she has from the attack. Lady likes going swimming too, as long as there is a ball for her to chase into the lake!!

Lady is so very well LOVED and cherished! I am so happy that I was able to adopt her and provide her a loving and happy retirement home!! She really is a wonderful dog and we love her so much!!