MWD Macko R437

  1. Name:

    Macko R437

  2. Military Branch Served or Agency:

    United States Air Force

  3. Station:


  4. Retired:


  5. Handler:


  6. Our Service:

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About Military Working Dog Macko R437

Macko was helped Feb 10 2010 and reported to Lackland AFB in Feb 2011 for Active duty, After he completed his training at Lackland AFB in 2011, he was assigned to the USMC as an Explosives Detection and Patrol Dog. He served his entire career at Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay attached to the Marine Corps Security Force Battalion. His job, on a day to basis would consist of sweeping vehicles for VIP escorts and munitions convoy routes. His handlers were Navy Master At Arms(Navy MPs) that run the Kennel and work with the MWDs for the USMC. Conducting countless demonstrations for visiting dignitaries and military guests touring the base, he was a workhorse in the MWD world. He served with several other GSDs and Belgians at Kings Bay during his hitch. During his career he completed over 80 special moves and 40 Sweeps for Dignitaries and VIPS, In the Summer of 2015 Macko injured his back and was taken off duty to rehab and recover. A pinched nerve had affected his gait and his endurance and the MWD disposition process was begun. As the Public Affairs officer at one of the commands Macko and his handler worked for, l had heard about the situation the day I received the cremains of our first MWD, Bojar and inquired if I could enter the adoption process to be his forever family. Working with the Kennel Master, I completed the application package and we were selected to be his forever family. Macko and I were given time to bond before his final retirement day and we quickly developed a great relationship. He will be an amazing addition to our other fur family members. A cat and our shelter rescue, Chloe, part Collie part Retriever mutt. We look forward to many years with Macko and our Veterinary care team has promised to do everything possible, including acupuncture to alleviate the pinched nerve and the pain in his back, to restore his normal gait. His big Brother Bojar is looking down from the Bridge and wagging his tail, knowing that the watch over the Rector household has been relieved by another Devil Dog Marine! Semper Ft! Welcome to the family Macko!