MWD Vento PD

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    Vento PD

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About Military Working Dog Vento PD

K9 Vento was born in Slovokia on January 23, 2004 at Eurosport Kennels. His one and only handler was Deputy Jason Stasienko and they have been inseparable since he was acquired in August 2006. Vento’s favorite place to be was in his squad car and had such a passion and drive for work during his 8 year career. He was a dual purpose K9 for the Van Buren County Sheriff Department in Michigan and excelled in tracking, narcotic detection, and article searches. He was certified through the USPCA and NAPCH. Vento helped welcome 3 sons into his family over the years and was the perfect combination of a working dog as well as an amazing family pet. He loves being around people, loves going to the veterinarian, and does numerous educational demonstrations (dog safety, K9 job duties) to schools and other groups of children (even in his retirement). Vento is always found right on the heels of Deputy Stasienko at all times! He is an incredible dog, enthusiastic worker, and a beloved family pet! Due to increasing struggles with mobility (he has severe degenerative joint disease in his neck, back, and tail), the difficult decision was finally made to retire Vento in February 2015. Vento now enjoys his days at home with his family. Vento has also graciously stepped aside and welcomed a new K9, Tico, (a 3yr old Malinois) into his home and his old squad car. To this day, Vento still gets excited when Deputy Stasienko is getting ready for work, laces his boots, and tries to beat him to the door to go to work. Once he realizes he is ‘off duty’, he will relax and enjoy his home life. He is currently on a prescription mobility diet, numerous medications, supplements, and receives periodic acupuncture treatments to keep him as comfortable as possible. Vento has been a hero to many and is loved by all who meet him!